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Ms Maria Magee, Western Health and Social Care Trust



Maria MageeMaria Magee is a Macmillan Palliative Care Facilitator with the Western Health and Social Care Trust. She used her fellowship to expand her develop her knowledge, capacity and leadership skills in  caring for people with advanced dementia nearing the end of life by visiting the Namaste Care Programme at End of Life Care for people with Advanced Dementia at St Christopher’s Hospice,London.

During her visit she met with and shadowed Min Stacpoole, Nurse Researcher at St Christopher’s Hospice who coordinates the programme within a number of nursing homes within her area. Maria also spent time in the pilot sites and observed and  participated in the Namaste Care Programme. Maria has produced a report from her visit (Maria Magee Report ) which provides an overview of the programme including the research which has informed its development. Maria plans to use her visit to inform the development of services for patients with dementia within the Western Health and Social Care Trust.

Maria commented that her visit has left her with a great enthusiasm to share, support and facilitate a pilot implementation of this programme within a ward within the Western Health and Social Care Trust.


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