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One of the aims of the Institute is to support leadership, interdisciplinary learning and capacity development across the sector with a focus on cross-border learning.

AIIHPC is delighted to announce the production of  Mentoring guide for health and social care professionals who provide palliative care in a variety of settings (link)

The Mentoring Guide aims to provide guidance to support the continued development of all health and social professionals who provide palliative care across a range of care settings. Palliative Care by its very nature cross cuts much of the health service as such the developmental relationship that can be established and maintained through mentoring has the potential to be particularly helpful to Palliative Care clinicians to influence and be affective across care settings.

Mentoring Guide


The following resources are available as Word Documents:

1a Sample Mentoring Agreement 1

1b Sample Mentoring Agreement 2

Mentee’s Checklist

Mentor’s Checklist

Mentoring Worksheet

Individual Development Plan


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