All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care


Needs Analysis Report

AIIHPC undertook a Needs Analysis of General Palliative Care Education in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland  to ascertain the current level of general palliative care education provided to health and social care professionals and to identify general palliative care education priorities for the next two years.

Some of the key points raised in the report include:
  • Current palliative care education provision may not be fully addressing the needs of health and social care professionals, despite the fact that a wide range of courses and programmes are available and are detailed on a database
  • It is important that managers be aware of current palliative care education provision
  • Palliative care education should be focussed on providing programmes and courses that are clinically relevant
  • Palliative care education courses and programmes should be aimed at a multidisciplinary audience
  • Palliative care programmes and courses should be designed to ensure that health and social care professionals receive relevant instruction and training to meet the needs of individuals with life-limiting conditions and their families, irrespective of diagnosis.
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AIIHPC expects the results from the needs analysis will inform key stakeholders including education providers, funders, and commissioners of palliative care education regarding the current and future general palliative care education needs of health and social care professionals working within health and social care on the island of Ireland.
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