All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care


Phase I Report

During the first phase of the Let’s Talk About personal experience survey, 367 surveys were completed between February and June 2014.

  • 56% of the respondents knew or cared for someone who had a serious or progressive condition
  • 30% were active carers
  • 13% were living with a serious or progressive medical condition.

The respondents to Phase I of the Let’s Talk survey recount good and bad experiences of palliative care health and social care services. The results of the survey were analysed in terms of their impact on three key policy priorities:

  1. Increasing public awareness of palliative care and the services which are available in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  2. Developing a holistic approach to palliative care
  3. Implications for commissioning and design of services

A Results Interpretation Workshop was held on the 19 June 2014. A mix of AIIHPC’s carer/user Voices4Care members and the professionals were asked to interpret the results of the survey and identify the main themes.

Based on the results of the survey and the outputs from the attendees at the evaluation workshop, recommendations are proposed which are aimed at a wide range of audiences including policymakers, commissioners, statutory, voluntary and private agencies, including AIIHPC, involved in the delivery of palliative care.

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