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AIIHPC delighted with response to drive to renew and refresh Voices4Care.

The meaningful involvement of service users, carers and communities remains a core priority for AIIHPC and the Voices4Care group is central to this engagement.

Established in 2013, AIIHPC renewed membership of the group in autumn 2016. A meeting of the renewed group was held on Friday 2 September when 33 people attended to hear more about the work of the Institute and how Voices4Care members will be involved in improving the palliative care experience.

Members will have opportunities to influence the work of AIIHPC and the wider palliative care arena across health and social care in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

Voices4Care members have the chance to be part of something that can make a real difference, and influence palliative care education, research, policy and practice.

Voices4Care members from across the island of Ireland are:

  • Patients or service users receiving palliative care,
  • Carers or former carers of people with palliative care needs,
  • People from the wider community interested in palliative care.

As part of the palliative care programme in Northern Ireland – Palliative Care in Partnership – their voice will be central to the design and development of palliative care, as the service user and carer group in this structure. The service user and carer voice will also be informing and influencing palliative care in the Republic of Ireland.

Click to download this brief Information Leaflet which includes information on Voices4Care activities.

In our renewal drive in autumn 2016, a significant number of carers/former carers and interested citizens joined. While no further general recruitment to Voices4Care is currently taking place, we would welcome applications from people who are patients or service users receiving palliative care.

If you are a patient or a service user receiving palliative care you can apply to become a member of Voices4Care by downloading and completing Voices4Care Expression of Interest Form (July) 2016. For further information and guidance on completing the form please download Voices4Care Guidance for Applicants (July) 2016. A short video about Voices4Care can be viewed here:   Voices4Care Video

If you would like to contact someone directly, please email Brendan O’Hara, Programme Manager, at [email protected] or alternatively call +353 (0) 1 491 2948.



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