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KINDLE Project


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The KINDLE Project was funded under the Health Research Board’s Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) and aims to further enhance knowledge transfer and exchange activities from across the Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN). By building on the learning that is continuously arising from dissemination, the project can facilitate the PCRN and associated research projects having a greater impact on policy and practice by identifying the key findings and making these accessible to important stakeholders such as policy makers, professional bodies involved in service delivery, and service users.

Key themes and messages that arise from the KINDLE project will be disseminated through specific KTE activities and products, including accessible and engaging video shorts, podcasts, policy briefs and newsletters. These activities will be designed with specialist input from key stakeholders representing researchers, practitioners, policy makers as well as users and carers of palliative care services to maximise the accessibility and impact of the key messages.

The project was overseen by Dr Emma Nicholson, co- led by Dr Suzanne Guerin and Dr Tara Murphy.

Check out our infographic for more details on what the KINDLE project entails and keep up-to-date on the project through the blog (

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