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Palliative Care in Neurodegeneration with a focus on Dementia

Launch of videos for an Interdisciplinary Research Workshop on “Palliative Care in Neurodegeneration with a focus on Dementia: Addressing complex questions through interdisciplinary research and reflection”

On May 27th 2016, AIIHPC together with the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation (University College Cork), HRB- Trials Methodology Research Network (National University of Ireland, Galway), Irish Hospice Foundation and other partners delivered an interdisciplinary research workshop in dementia.

The workshop, which was funded by the Irish Research Council, gathered practitioners, patient/carer representatives and researchers from across disciplines to focus on key aspects of palliative care research and promote interdisciplinary research in this area.

The plenary speaker was Prof David Oliver (Consultant Physician/ Professor of Medicine for Older People, NHS Foundation Trust/ City University London, UK) and former EAPC Board Director (2011-2015). AIIHPC is now delighted to launch a video link to the workshop which includes the presentations from all speakers as well as the open discussions:

Link to YouTube Playlist:

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