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Palliative Care Research Network



The AIIHPC Palliative Care Research Network (or PCRN), was formed in 2012. It is an all-island entity bringing the best minds in the area of palliative care research to work together.

The PCRN aims to build on the work being done by palliative care researchers across the island of Irealnd, bringing people together in a coherent network, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and collaboration across a broad range of areas.

Members include people from many of the major universities and hospices both in the north and south. Our members have a wide variety of knowledge and experience, from those starting out, to experienced researchers who offer mentoring and support. We offer opportunities to expand the reach of your own study, to promote collaboration with other researchers, and to maximise the impact of your work.

The PCRN is constantly evolving and expanding and we want even more researchers to join and benefit from this collaborative community of peers. By joining the PCRN you’ll have access to a directory of people, their research, and valuable resources. You can build new relationships, extend your research capacity and apply for funding together

To find out more about the PCRN and how to become a member please email Dr Mary Rabbitte: [email protected]

Download the PCRN Leaflet


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