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Strand 2 – Measurement and Evaluation

Strand 2 – Measurement and Evaluation


Professor Charles Normand, Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy & Management, Centre for Health Policy & Management, TCD


The Measurement and Evaluation Strand (MES) will explore methodological development for palliative care research with a focus on measurement of needs, measurement of impact and evaluation of service priority and delivery. MES will develop better understanding on how best to elicit preferences and views for service users and families and will support the development of measurement tools for palliative care research. This strand will utilise evidence to examine how best to disseminate complex findings in palliative care research. The MES team shares the social justice perspective of SJS, that access to care should depend on needs and not circumstance.

WP5: Towards Improved diagnosis and symptom management in palliative care


Professor David Meagher, Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Adult Psychiatry, Midwestern Regional Hospital, Limerick

Dr Karen Ryan, Palliative Medicine Consultant, Mater Misericordiae Hospital & St Francis Hospice & Clinical Lead for Palliative Care, HSE


PCRN - Mas MohamedAims: To explore the relationship between various symptom domains (cognitive difficulties, mood disorder, pain, cachexia and fatigue in patients admitted to palliative care in Ireland) over the course of treatment and to identify a simple user-friendly testing procedure that allows for both applicability and efficiency in accurately identifying cognitive and mood disturbances in everyday clinical practice, and to test this in those settings to determine its appropriateness and efficacy.

Methods: A mixed methods approach to include longitudinal observation, and decision-making algorithms.
PhD Scholars: Mas Mohamed & Brid Davis


WP6: Development & evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention for patients with refractory cachexia & their lay carers


Professor Sam Porter, Chair in Nursing Research, School of Nursing & Midwifery, QUB

Dr Joanne Reid, Lecturer in Cancer Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, QUB

PCRN - David ScottAim: To contribute to the psychological care of palliative patients and their lay carers by helping them to understand, adapt to, and cope with the distressing consequences of the loss of appetite and change in appearance that often accompanies the last stages of life. To utilise a range of research methods, including qualitative analysis, realistic research, randomized controlled trial, and economic evaluation, in order to assist in the development of skills in the measurement and evaluation of palliative care.

Methods: The UK Medical Research Council’s framework for developing and evaluating complex interventions. The intervention will be evaluated by a multi-centre single-blind randomized controlled trial.
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Dr David Scott


WP7: Eliciting preferences for complex packages of palliative care – extension of IARE


Professor Charles Normand, Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy and Management, Centre for Health Policy and Management, TCD

Original IARE Investigators


PCRN - Bridget JohnsonAim: To extend the evidence on patterns and determinants of preferences for palliative care services in Ireland using discrete choice experiments, and to provide a basis for methodological work on measurement of outcomes and benefits.  This will provide a wider database to explore the variation in patterns of preferences within Ireland. The research will be carried out in collaboration with the IARE study teams in New York and London led by Professor Irene Higginson.

Methods: Discrete choice experiments using the instrument developed in partnership with IARE.
Post-Doctoral Research Fellows: Bridget Johnston


WP8: Developing & implementing a ‘System’ of structured network-wide dissemination & knowledge transfer activities


Professor W. George Kernohan, Professor of Health Research, Institute of Nursing & Health Research, School of Nursing, UU

Dr Suzanne Guerin, Centre for Disability Studies, School of Psychology, University College Dublin



Aim:To support knowledge transfer to enhance palliative care in Ireland.

Methods: The project will be focused on two key stages: (1) Adapting and validating a model of knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) for palliative care; and (2) Implementing and evaluating the KTE model. This will be a mixed methods study. A number of case studies will be identified including at least two arising from the P.C.R.N. which will be used to evaluate and refine the KTE model.

Researcher: Lucia Prihodova

Lucia Príhodová completed her master’s degree in psychology at the University of Trnava, Slovakia. Her qualifying areas were clinical, counselling and educational psychology, and in her master thesis she explored the interactions between coping skills, hope, social support and quality of life in patients with an oncologic disease. Lucia successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Psychosocial and medical determinants of long-term patient outcomes” in September 2014. She is employed as a doctoral fellow on an All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) research project aimed at developing and implementing a system of structured based at the School of Psychology, University College Dublin.

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