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Guidelines Scholars for Depression

Dr Fiona Kiely

Fiona is currently working as a specialist registrar in palliative medicine in Marymount Hospice, Cork. She graduated from University College Cork in 2002 and completed her general practice training in 2009. Fiona has several postgraduate qualifications including a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry (2007) and a Diploma in Medicine of the Elderly which was obtained in 2008. She has worked in clinical psychiatry both in Ireland and on the other side of the world in Brisbane, Australia. Fiona’s research interests to date have included communication links between general practice and palliative care, and general practice and acute psychiatric services.

Dr Camilla Murtagh

Camilla is Medical Lead for Hospice at Home in Milford Hospice, Limerick.  She graduated from the National University of Ireland, Galway, in 1998 whereupon she undertook vocational training in General Practice. She commenced higher training in Palliative Medicine in the Royal College of Physicians in 2006. Camilla completed eighteen months of training in Melbourne Australia followed by training at Galway University Hospitals, Milford Care Centre Limerick and Our Lady’s Hospice Harold’s Cross, Dublin. She has a Masters in Medical Education from Edinburgh University (2010) and has published on this topic in peer reviewed journals. Camilla has developed two areas of special interest within palliative medicine, medical education and mental health. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Leadership and Healthcare Management.

Dr Anna Cleminson

Anna received her MB and ChB from St Andrews and Manchester University. She received her MRCGP in 2010 and is currently a SpR in Palliative Medicine since 2011. Anna has a Diploma in Palliative Medicine (Cardiff University 2011), Certificate in Medical Education (Cardiff University 2012) and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Medical Education (Cardiff University which will be completed in June 2013. Anna actively participates in the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of doctors in palliative care within the hospital setting. She travelled to Samara, Russia, twice as part of a team providing education to Palliative Care Teams and health care workers in the region. Finally, Anna is due to take up a 9-month clinical lecturer post in Makere University and Mulago Hospital in Uganda in August 2013.

The Guidelines

A draft report will be ready for expert review in the coming weeks.

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