Achieving Excellence in Palliative Care Education

A well-educated and highly trained hospice and palliative care community will secure the future development of on-going excellence in palliative care delivery.

AIIHPC supports access to high quality education and the development of a well-trained palliative care community with the skills and abilities to respond to a wide variety of palliative care needs in a range of settings. One of the vehicles for this is the Education Network which brings together the providers and consumers of education together to ensure that learning opportunities are available, accessible and of the highest quality.

The impact of Education activities at AIIHPC include:

  • Critical mass in palliative care education
  • Consistent delivery of high quality and accessible palliative care education
  • A collaborative culture across the palliative car education sector
  • Appropriate palliative care education for a range of professions
  • Increased professional development and lifelong learning opportunities for palliative care staff
  • Increased understanding of palliative care in the wider healthcare community