As part of AIIHPC’s Practice work strand, the Institute facilitates the development of Communities of Practice for relevant Specialist Palliative Care (SPC) practitioners. The Community of Practice model provides an interactive opportunity for SPC practitioners to regularly come together on an all Island basis to present and discuss good practice and challenges their discipline is facing. They operate under an agreed Terms of Reference and are co-chaired by members of the group.

Meetings take place either quarterly or monthly (depending on the group). The meetings comprise of a presentation from a member or invited speaker followed by a facilitated discussion. All sessions are recorded and placed in a designated area of The Palliative Hub – Learning Platform, along with slide decks and other relevant resources. All administrative support is provided by AIIHPC.

AIIHPC currently operates 3 Communities of Practice:

Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapists  – monthly meetings

Specialist Palliative Care Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care – monthly meetings

Specialist Palliative Care Dieticians  – quarterly meetings

If you would like further information on the Communities of Practice or would like to join, please contact Joanne Morgan (