Early Career Researcher Forum

In 2013, the Early Career Researcher Forum (ECRF) was launched by AIIHPC. The forum, which is multidisciplinary in nature, is central to the Institute’s aim of fostering a strategic approach to palliative care research and knowledge development on the island of Ireland. The Institute supports the ECRF by facilitating national and international collaboration, resource sharing, capacity building, and knowledge transfer.

The forum provides members with opportunities to access peer and mentor support, develop links with senior researchers, participate in capacity building workshops and share knowledge across disciplines. We provide regular updates to members on funding and career development opportunities.
The forum is constantly expanding and we want even more researchers to join and benefit from this collaborative community of peers. There are no membership criteria to join the ECRF; members are researchers or clinicians from any discipline who consider themselves in the early- to mid-stages of their research career in palliative and end of care.

See The Palliative Hub – Professional for further information on the ECRF

Contact Us

For further information about the Forum, please contact AIIHPC Research Impact Project Manager, Emer Brangan, ebrangan@aiihpc.org or Acting Chair, Kasia Patynowska, Kasia.Patynowska@mariecurie.org.uk

“Research can be a lonely and frightening place when starting off. The ECRF facilitates networking opportunities with both early and experienced researchers carrying out research related to all aspects of palliative care. This offers a platform for collaboration in future research studies to flourish. The ECRF also creates learning opportunities and offers support and guidance through their interactive research webinars, in response to the learning needs of their members”

Stacey Power , Early Career Research Forum
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