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Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Policy requires practice to be based upon evidence. However, there are several challenges to the implementation of evidence into practice. Achieving impact begins with knowledge transfer and exchange of research findings between key stakeholders which is a complex non-linear process. While the AIIHPC recognises developing a comprehensive dissemination strategy is an integral part of a research project, the Institute acknowledges palliative care researchers have often received no formal knowledge transfer and exchange training. AIIHPC, committed to building expertise in the dissemination of research knowledge to advance palliative care policy and practice funded a research project with University College Dublin and Ulster University to develop a knowledge transfer and exchange model for use in palliative care research. A systematic review of existing knowledge transfer and exchange frameworks used in health care was carried out. The core concepts of these models/frameworks were analysed. Based on research findings an Evidence-based Model for the Transfer and exchange of Research Knowledge “EMTReK” was developed. The model provides a framework to guide the process of palliative care knowledge transfer and exchange. Five case studies were conducted to explore the use of the EMTReK model within palliative care settings. The EMTReK model has shown itself to be relevant and applicable to palliative care.

In 2017, the Institute set a three-year timeframe to build and evaluate competence in the area of knowledge transfer and exchange using the EMTReK model. This ongoing project will lead to the design, development and delivery of a series of knowledge transfer and exchange workshops advocating the use of the EMTReK model to guide researchers’ knowledge dissemination activities. Workshops content will evolve over the three-year period based on pre- and post-evaluation of participants’ competence in knowledge dissemination activities. To aid workshop participants’ retention and retrieving of information on how to implement EMTReK the Institute commissioned the development of a mnemonic device. Participants are provided with an A3 process chart provided in a poster format which further encourages them to keep knowledge transfer and exchange top of mind when conducting a research project.

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