Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Palliative care research aims to make sure that people with life-limiting conditions receive the most appropriate and effective care at the right time and place. To achieve this, it is critical that palliative care research involves and shares research with people with life-limiting conditions, their family, carers, service providers, policymakers, research funders, other researchers and key stakeholders.

The Institute as an established knowledge broker for palliative care on the island of Ireland is in a unique position to unlock the potential of our Palliative Care Research Network members research to reach palliative care providers, health agencies, hospices, academic institutions, charity organisations and people with life-limiting conditions, family carers and interested citizens (through Voices4Care) .

We have developed a range of resources to support our partners to disseminate research messages, knowledge and findings from proposal stage right through to research project delivery and beyond that include but not limited to:

  • Developing your competence on how to apply a peer-reviewed knowledge transfer and exchange model [EMTReK] to a research project through our accredited workshop and online eLearning course: ‘Developing a Dissemination Strategy for Health Research
  • Through our Voices4Care panel, facilitate meaningful service user and carer involvement in your research project including ensuring appropriate language and ways of communicating
  • Providing advice on your project surveys, participant recruitment adverts, development of social media handle(s) and project logos
  • Promoting your research project on a web page and publications on the Palliative Hub Professional research zone
  • Promoting your research to clinical networks, hospice and palliative care education providers, condition focussed organisations, academic institutions, expert collaborators and our 26 member organisations
  • Providing access for you to online resources and social media communication channels: The Palliative Hub, @AIIHPC and facebook

The Palliative Care Hub has introduced me to a wide network of palliative care researchers providing a unique opportunity for collaboration and dissemination. This type of network strengthens and supports developing research in the field. Also, AIIHPC have provided me with an opportunity to leverage their wide-reaching online communication channels to disseminate my research messages.

Dr Emer Guinan,Assistant Professor in Interprofessional Learning, Trinity College Dublin

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Work Packages [available on request]:
AIIHPC can provide Palliative Care Research Network members with support and guidance when writing the knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) work package for research proposal submissions to funding organisations and deliver such work packages if successful. We have the expertise, skills and resources to:

  • Support the organisation and delivery of workshops, seminars and webinars to stakeholders across research and academia, people with palliative care needs, their families and carers, service providers, clinicians and policy makers.
  • Design websites, videos, video scribes and research literature (i.e. infographics, process charts, posters, flyers and brochures).
  • Facilitate service user/carer involvement including organising online webinars and face to face engagement.
  • Support the evaluation of research dissemination activities.

“AIIHPC provided invaluable support and guidance on the development of the knowledge transfer and exchange work package for ‘mySupport study’. From the proposal stage when seeking EU funding to designing the project name and logo using input from AIIHPC’s Voices4Care panel (people with life-limiting conditions, carers and interested citizens).  The Institute’s expertise, skills and resources have assisted in the development of the website, research literature and provided opportunities for dissemination to a wide variety of audiences supporting us to build a following for this research.”

Prof Kevin Brazil, Professor of Palliative Care in the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Queen’s University Belfast

For More Information:
An Evidence-based Model for the Transfer & exchange of Research Knowledge (EMTReK) relevant and applicable to palliative care: link

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If you would like to learn more about how the Institute can support you in knowledge transfer and exchange please contact Emer Brangan, email: