An All-Ireland Gateway to Palliative Care Information

The Palliative Hub has been developed by AIIHPC with a number of palliative and hospice care stakeholders to act as a gateway to information and resources about palliative care on the island of Ireland.

The Hub seeks to deliver this information and resources to a number of audiences through four different components:

  • Children and Young People
  • Adult
  • Learning Platform
  • Professional

The main website provides a general overview of what palliative care is for the general public and acts as a central point to access the four major components of the hub.

The Palliative Hub was created to fill a recognised gap in the palliative care sector for a dedicated website to help people from a variety of backgrounds access and find the information and resources they need.

There is already a large amount of information for the general public on the internet but sometimes finding and accessing this information can be difficult. The concept behind both the Children and Young People Palliative Hub and the Adult Palliative Hub is to link through to this information rather than replicating it. The content on the websites has been provided by professionals who have worked in palliative and hospice care for a number of years.

The Professional Palliative Hub provides online resources for health and social care professionals, researchers and educators.

The Learning Platform works to underpin all three of the websites by offering an online learning environment for both the public and professional. It also offers an environment for palliative care educators including hospice education providers to host their own learning materials.

The 2020 Palliative Hub Leaflet can be downloaded here:

Palliative Hub 2020 Leaflet
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