The All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) is calling on people in [county] to
learn more about the benefits of palliative care as part of Palliative Care Week. Now in its seventh
year, Palliative Care Week takes place from the 13th to 19th September.
Palliative Care Week 2020 aims to raise awareness throughout the island of Ireland about the
positive difference palliative care can make to people with life-limiting conditions, their carers and
their families.
This year’s theme is ‘Palliative Care: In This Together’. In these extraordinary times, this reflects the
community response to Covid-19 but also the range of supports mobilized by health and social care
professionals, and the wider community, to help people with palliative care needs and their loved
ones to live as well as possible.
This personalised network of support can involve a broad range of professionals from primary care
(such as GP’s and public health nurses/district nurses), support from family and friends and the
wider community, and support at home, in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. The support is for
all ages and life-limiting conditions and can be for days, weeks or years.

Karen Charnley, AIIHPC Director, said;

“Palliative care improves the lives of those living with a life-limiting illness and those who
matter to them. It puts the individual at the centre of care and supports their physical, social,
psychological and spiritual health needs. We’ve all seen this year how something like Covid-
19 has brought out the best in people, especially in our communities, and while we can’t hold
events to mark Palliative Care Week 2020 we hope we can reignite some of that community
spirit to help those closest to us to get better informed about palliative care and its benefits.

“Ultimately, we want as many people as possible in [county] to have a greater understanding
of palliative care. So if people can help by sharing this knowledge or the Palliative Care Week
leaflet, or even by sharing their story on social media, together we can help to remove any
stigmas or misconceptions about palliative care.

“We might need to remain socially distant for some time to come but we can still feel close to
our family and friends by having conversations about things like palliative care and
understanding each other’s future care wishes.”

To get informed:

• Visit to find out more about palliative care and
Palliative Care Week 2020 and test your knowledge of palliative care by taking a short True
or False quiz
• Talk to your GP or any healthcare or social care professional about palliative care and its

For those with an interest in promoting a better understanding of palliative care:

• Download the leaflet from and share it with
your family, friends, colleagues, fellow members of local groups, or your online community
• Talk to your family and share your wishes in the event that you have palliative care needs in
the future, and encourage others to do the same
• Share your own palliative care experience story on social media during Palliative Care Week
2020 using #pallcareweek.
AIIHPC is encouraging people to get informed and to share this information with their family and
friends, and any local groups they are in, during Palliative Care Week 2020.
Any groups or individuals wishing to obtain leaflets and/or posters can contact AIIHPC by calling
+353 1 4912948 or by emailing


For further information or to request an interview contact:
Robyn Keleghan on +353 87 136 8975 or
Sarah Dunne on +353 85 853 5647 or

Notes to Editors:
All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) is a collaborative of hospices, health and
social care organisations and universities on the island of Ireland. AIIHPC advances education,
research and practice to improve the palliative care experience of people with life-limiting
conditions and their families.

AIIHPC works with a group of visionary partners who recognise the value of working together to
achieve a better, richer experience of palliative care for people with life-limiting conditions. The
organisation’s 26 partners (15 Republic of Ireland / 11 Northern Ireland) are:
An Roinn Sláinte / Department of Health
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Dublin City University
Dublin University Trinity College
Galway Hospice Foundation
Irish Hospice Foundation
Lauralynn Children’s Hospice
Macmillan Cancer Support NI
Marie Curie
Marymount University Hospital & Hospice
Milford Care Centre
National University of Ireland Galway
Northern Health and Social Care Trust
Northern Ireland Hospice
Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services
Public Health Agency
Queen’s University Belfast
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
Southern Health and Social Care Trust
St. Francis Hospice
Ulster University
University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Limerick
Western Health and Social Care Trust