How to engage with Voices4Care members?

The unique views and experience of service users, carers, former carers and interested citizens provide interesting and necessary perspective into research, education, practice, and policy within palliative care. AIIHPC is adamant that engagement with Voices4Care is meaningful and not a check box exercise. We uphold the PPI Ignite Network Values and Principles and ask anyone who wishes to engage with Voices4Care to consider them:

For more information about PPI Ignite’s Network Values and Principles Framework, visit their website:  PPI Ignite Network Values and Principles Framework • PPI Ignite Network (

If you wish to engage with Voices4Care please fill out this form and send to Paula Pinto (

Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee that AIIHPC will engage with Vocies4Care members as your proposal may be deemed to not be appropriate.